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Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon Go For Old Hollywood Glam at Oscars


 (Associated Press)

Jessica Chastain and Reese Witherspoon embraced old Hollywood glamour on the Oscars red carpet with va-va-voom waves made famous by blonde bombshell Veronia Lake.

As one of the most popular pinups of the 1940s, Lake’s cascading peek-a-boo curls made moviegoers soon. The hairstyle has been recreated over the years and still remains popular among starlets.

“Veronica Lake was one of the first stars to wear finger waves or pin curls in a longer, softer and more sophisticated beauty look,” says Beverly Hills-based hairstylist Jonathan Antin, who has worked with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendes, among others.

"This became a worldwide mainstay and classic standard for hair on the screen, runway, workplace and at home for all women aspiring for classic beauty,” Antin adds.

Want to get the look yourself?  According to Antin, Lake-esque waves, are “universally flattering for all facial features and face shapes" and can easily be achieved at home.

“Take 1 inch sections starting at the nape working towards the hairline,” says Antin. “Start by applying a volumizer at the root, then a heat protectant styler on ends. Using an 11/4 inch curling iron, curl down on the sides and back of head, then curl back on the top of head. Use small clips to pin the curls until they cool, then followed by a brisk brush out to turn curls into waves using a boar bristle brush. To finish, use a minimal amount of teasing at the root for volume, then a light hold hair spray while placing set waves.”

Good luck!