In ‘Identity Thief’ Genesis Rodriguez Takes on Bad Girl Role

Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis Rodriguez  (© Universal Pictures )

Genesis Rodríguez is heating up the big screen as bad girl Marisol in Universal’s latest comedy “Identity Thief.”

The film, which stars funny woman Melissa McCarthy as Diana and Jason Bateman as Sandy Patterson, tells the story of Patterson getting his identity stolen from Diana and his adventure across the country as he attempts to find her and turn her into the authorities.

Rodríguez’s mission in the film is to try to capture Diana before Patterson gets to her, since Diana tricked her drug dealer boss by selling him fake credit cards.

“Melissa to me is comedy gold,” Rodríguez told Fox News Latino. “They are the greatest of the great. I couldn’t have planned it any better.”

Rodríguez, who is the daughter of beloved singer Jose Luis Rodriguez "El Puma," started off filming telenovelas and since then has appeared in films such as “Casa de mi Padre,” “Man on a Ledge” and Arnold Schwarzenegger's action thriller “The Last Stand.” 

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She said going in and out of her “bad ass” character, as she calls Marisol, was a great experience.  

“I don’t think about the scene, I think about what my character wants at that moment,” said Rodríguez about becoming Marisol. “I only think about my character wants and I stay focused.”

The Cuban-Venezuelan actress says that fellow actresses Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz have inspired her throughout her acting career.

“Me seeing them as a child was a dream,” she said. “[I said] one day I can do that.”

“They really did something for me and thank God for them [because I saw] a face I could relate to.”

Rodríguez will be joining Paul Walker ("Fast and Furious") in the upcoming film “Hours.”