Lindsay Lohan to agents: 'Keep me on set. It's safer that way'

Lindsay Lohan was on “Good Morning America” Friday morning talking up her movie “Liz & Dick” when she let slip the real reason she wants to keep acting.

Sure, it’s about making money but it’s also about staying out of trouble.

She said she told her agents: “’Keep me on set. It’s safer that way.’”

Lohan’s brief reference to her recent, and never-ending, string of arrests, lawsuits and the like, gave some insight to how the actress sees her struggle to get back into the acting scene.

“I just want to move forward, keep working,” she said, adding she also just wants to “be happy.”

And Lohan, 26, may be on her way to happiness. She seemed proud when talking about her Elizabeth Taylor role in the upcoming Lifetime flick, and she was excited for fans to the movie which many have deemed as her acting comeback. She added that her friends and family have already seen the movie and we’re pleased with it.

“I hope my love for acting shows through,” she said. “I did the best I can.”

“Liz & Dick” premieres on Nov. 25. Lohan’s next project “The Canyons,” a 50s-style film where she stars alongside adult-film star James Deen. “The Canyons” is set for a 2013 release.

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