Jennifer Lopez turns 43! Hottest (female) star over 40?

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez  (Reuters)

Happy Birthday, J-Lo! It's hard to believe it, but Jennifer Lopez -- known for her six-pack abs, toned legs and glowing complexion -- turns 43 years old today.

In fact, being over 40 in Hollywood has never looked better. The newly engaged Sofia Vergara -- known for her Jessica Rabbit curves -- recently turned 40, and she has a brand-new Emmy nod for "Modern Family" under her belt.

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Jennifer Aniston is 43, and she's still known for having one of the best bods in Hollywood, if not THE best. But nobody has curves like Salma Hayek, who looks closer to 25 than 45 (her actual age).

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From J-Lo to Sofia to Salma, let us know: Who's the hottest (female) star over 40?

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