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Hot Tennis Stars Talk 'Game' OFF the Court

What celebrities would Pete Sampras and John McEnroe want to play tennis against?


No one has game like a tennis player. When the U.S. Open is in “full swing” at Arthur Ashe Stadium, the best of the best will be battling for the Grand Slam title in front of thousands of cheering spectators, including such fans as Anna Wintour and Brooklyn Decker.

Do you ever wonder, however, how our favorite players fare when they're off duty? Do they still have the same "game" without those tennis rackets in their hands? We could only think of one way to find out, so we sent our celebrity correspondent, Amber Milt, to catch up with John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, and the Jensen and Bryan brothers to see who really has swagger, both on and off the court.

Watch the video above to learn how these tennis players romance a lady, and find out who they'd like to square off against in their ultimate fantasy match-ups!