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Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

BTS interviews and beauty tips from the 'Angels.'


Have you ever wished you could be a Victoria's Secret model? Or just look like one?

We went backstage at the famous fashion show to talk to some our favorite "Angels" about how they get ready for the sexiest show on earth.

Do you ever get nervous?

"We definitely always get nervous because it's live so anything could happen and there's people watching, so you never know." - Alessandra Ambrosio, VS model

What does it take to put on this show?

"It definitely takes a village ... We've got 38 supermodels, 50 outfitters, 22 makeup artists, 22 hair stylists, we have seven body bronzers, we have five manicurists. It's a full village." - Lauren Cosenza, VS makeup artist

What is it like to wear a $2.5 million bra?

"It's pretty special. I mean, it's such an honor and it's so beautiful. It's like an art piece, this bra, so walking down the runway with that on, you're definitely sparkling." - Miranda Kerr, VS model

How do you train for the show?

"I love doing pilates. I think it's really good for your core and it just makes me feel really good. And I do a lot of kick boxing, a lot of crunches, a lot of butt lifts that aren't very fun, but necessary." - Lily Aldridge, VS model

"For me, the butt is the most important part so I do a lot of lifts and weights on my legs." - Candice Swanepoel, VS model

For more of their supermodel secrets and sexy backstage footage, you won't want to miss the video above!