Dancing With the Stars: William Levy Sets the Rumba on Fire



William Levy brought the flames to Dancing With the Stars Monday night with a sultry Rumba that evoked passion and sensuality.

“I brought the heat to rehearsal,” said Levy laughing, as the audience then saw staged humorous scenes of the DWTS cast rehearsing, the fire alarm going off, and the studio going up in flames --all because Levy and his dance partner Cheryl Burke’s dance was so fiery.

“Last week I made a comeback with my tango, I even became James Bond," Levy continued. “This week I’m going to have to be the Latin lover with my rumba.”

“Everyone is expecting a lot of heat,” he added. “A lot of sensuality… for this dance.”

After taking the stage and driving the audience wild with sizzling moves, Levy realized it might have been too much for the judges to handle.

“Absolutely an act of filth,” Bruno Tonioli told Levy and Burke. “You two are wild for sex.”

Still, Tonioli said he loved the dance and gave the Cuban actor a perfect ‘10’ for his performance.

“There are some ladies there that are going into a frenzy,” Tonioli added. “I think they are going into ecstasy.”

The only female judge, Carrie Ann Inaba was also in awe with Levy’s ability to move the ladies, but did not hold back on constructive criticism.

“On behalf of all the women out there I want to thank you,” Inaba said with a huge smile on her face.

“I am going to tell you something, I don’t think that was your best dance,” she continued. “I think there were moments when you two were a little bit disconnected. I’d like to see more content from you because you are not just a pretty face, you are a beautiful dancer.”

The toughest judge of the trio, Len Goodman put his foot down harder than everyone expected. Clearly the booing he got from the crowd reassured that.

“I understand these people going crazy for you,” Goodman said. “When you come out, physically you are really impressive.”

“You dance with confidence,” he added. “But for me it was a little bit on the raunchy side. It was good, but I can’t go into ecstasy.”

Despite the comments, Goodman gave Levy and Burke a solid ‘8’ and Inaba gave them a ‘9’ bringing their score to 27 out of 30 and making them one of the highest scoring couples of the evening.

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