Where Are They Now? '90s Singer Lisa Loeb Now Making Music for Next Generation

Kid-friendly songs for your family


If you were a twentysomething in the ‘90s, you may remember singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb as the object of many a man’s nerd girl crush. Sporting thick glasses and long brown hair, Loeb’s breakout hit video “Stay (I Missed You)” played endlessly on MTV during the summer of 1994. Loeb’s earnest song of a lost love had been featured on the “Reality Bites” soundtrack, thanks to BFF Ethan Hawke

“We gave him a copy of the song that we had recorded in an apartment in New York City, and Ethan passed it along to Ben Stiller who put it in the movie,” Loeb told FoxNews.com LIVE, “A radio station in Houston started playing it, and it became a #1 hit without a record deal, which was very exciting.”

Still sporting her trademark glasses, Loeb is now married and living in Los Angeles with her husband and two-year daughter, Lyla Rose. In addition to working on her “grown-up songs,” Lobe recently penned a children’s songbook, “Silly Sing Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs.”

“I really wanted to make a record that would take kids away from the computer and bring them together with other kids,” Lobe explained. “When I  growing up, some of the records I listened to were ‘Really Rosie’ by Carole King and ‘Free to Be You and Me,’ which was a record put together by Marlo Thomas... It was real musicians playing songs. You listened this kids’ music, but you couldn’t really tell it was kids’ music, and that’s the kind of music I want to make now.”

Loeb is clearly not a fan of most of the popular kids' music these days. “Some of it can get a little grating and it kind of sounds like toy music–it doesn’t sound like real people playing," she said.

“We don’t want to talk down to the kids,” Loeb says of ‘Silly Sing Along,’ which was recorded with her band using acoustic instruments. “It’s really just about exploring our imagination in a different way, but with real music and real production.”