Actress Lindsay Lohan shot a commercial from the confines of her apartment while under house arrest for stealing a necklace from a jewelry store, TMZ reported Tuesday.

Lohan, 24, filmed the commercial from her Los Angeles home last weekend for an Internet penny auction site called

A spokesperson from told TMZ that Lohan was originally offered $25,000 for the job. After she turned that offer down, the two parties settled on an undisclosed amount.

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Lohan was also given a $10,000 credit to spend on the website as part of the deal, it was reported.

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The star seems to be making the most of her house arrest -- just last week she was pictured throwing a rooftop BBQ for her friends.

Lohan was sentenced to four months in jail for pleading no contest last month to taking a $2,500 necklace from a pricey Los Angeles boutique. However, she was deemed eligible to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet at home due to jail overcrowding.

She began serving her sentence May 26, and, according to the rules of her confinement, Lohan cannot consume alcohol or narcotics -- but can entertain guests.

Lohan is expected to complete her stint under house arrest by July.