What's Your Favorite Musical Bra Moment?

1990: An image from Madonna's "Blonde Ambition" tour.

1990: An image from Madonna's "Blonde Ambition" tour.

So "Glee" is stealing from Katy Perry, who is stealing from Madonna, who is stealing from ...

The cone bra has its own special place in American pop culture, and the "Glee" cheerleaders are getting in on the action with their Super Bowl Sunday episode inspired by Perry's "California Gurls" video. (Check out the "Glee" video here.)

And while Perry shot whipped cream out of her breasts with a wink and a nudge, the "Glee" gals are more interested in pyrotechnics.

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: What's your favorite musical bra moment?

We don't blame them -- they have to top Madonna's "Blonde Ambition" bra, Perry's whipped-cream confection and Lady Gaga's machine gun -- and retain a hoped-for 100 million Super Bowl viewers, many (or most) of them male.

"We put stuff in there understanding that there are a lot of dudes who watch the Super Bowl. It was making sure that the dudes who refuse to watch 'Glee' are like 'Wait a second!'" Brad Falchuk, executive producer of "Glee," told Entertainment Weekly.

We do think the Cheerios will manage to hold the guys' attention. But pointy bras aren't the only boobie-licious footnotes in pop culture. From Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" to Lil' Kim's nipple shield, let us know: What's your favorite musical bra moment?