People are seen through the broken glass of a passenger bus that was damaged in clashes between members of the Patel community and the Dalit community during a protest rally in Ahmedabad, India, August 25, 2015. Thousands of Patel community members on Tuesday held the huge protest rally to demand reservation for their community, local media reported. REUTERS/Amit Dave - RTX1PL15

This glass could be as strong as steel

Researchers in Japan have developed a type of glass that is close to being unbreakable. Reported last month in the journal Scientific Reports, the research team claims the glass is...

3D sketch of the magnetic wormhole, showing how the magnetic field lines (in red) of a small magnet at the right are transferred through it. (Right) From a magnetic point of view the wormhole is magnetically undetectable so that the field of the magnet seems to disappear at the right and reappear at the left in the form of a magnetic monopole.

First magnetic wormhole created in lab

Researchers in Spain have created the first–ever magnetic wormhole in a lab. The specially designed sphere is capable of transferring a magnetic field from one location to another ...