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Did you know that certain foods can naturally enhance your body's own defense from skin damage? The Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham, tells us which foods have natural SPF in them

9 sun-protective foods

You may be surprised to learn that many common foods offer some protection to your skin from the potentially damaging rays of the sun, from the inside out. The Medicine Hunter tell...

There have been some serious strides in the science behind living longer, and some come from nature.  Dr. Manny talks with Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham about a few plants that can help you live longer

3 longevity herbs for the new year

In the various healing traditions around the world, certain herbs are deemed longevity-enhancers by virtue of their numerous health benefits.

Stephania tetrandra is a plant that is being tested for its benefits in fighting the Ebola virus.  Dr. Manny sits down with the Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham, to find out about this promising natural cure

An herb may help fight Ebola

While the Ebola virus was previously in the news daily for months, that story has died down, and the situation with the virus is slowly improving in West Africa.

Natural allergy remedies

Spring is here, and so are allergies. The Medicine Hunter gives us some natural remedies to keep allergy symptoms at bay so you can enjoy the changing of seasons