Crazy high-speed chases

Motorcyclist with illegal drugs and weapons caught after 151 mph chase

At one point, the driver allegedly yelled "move, my mom's dying."
(Iowa State Patrol)

15 year-old girl leads police on 100 mph chase in stolen truck

She doesn't even have her license yet.

Motorcyclist caught speeding through Omaha at 146 mph

After spotting the bike, the pilot followed it to an apartment complex and directed a patrol car to his location.

Speeder caught by Maine police at 139 mph

(Maine State Police)

Potted-plant theft leads to high-speed chase

(Sean Pavlichko/Verchio's Produce and Deli (Brooklawn PD/Google Street View))

Iowa police catch speeder going 144 mph

The division posted the photo on Facebook and said, “A dark, open road is no excuse for high speed.”
(Iowa State Patrol)

Speeder caught by cops doing 158 mph regrets nothing

((Lake County, Ind., Sheriff's Department/Dodge)

Mom takes toddler racing

A 19-year-old Texas woman won't be winning Mother of the Year after she crashed at 120 mph during a street race with her unbelted 13-month old child in the car.

Crazy high-speed chases

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