Motorcyclist with illegal drugs and weapons caught after 151 mph chase

A motorcyclist carrying a gun and drugs led police on a high-speed chase through Iowa on Monday evening that reached 151 mph on a busy highway.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports that Cedar Rapids resident Jordan F. Fetter was spotted by an Iowa State Patrol officer speeding through traffic on I-380 at 90 mph. By the time the trooper caught up to him, he was doing 119 mph and accelerated when he spotted the pursuit.

According to the officer, Fetter was weaving through traffic and using the shoulder to pass cars. Eventually, the trooper managed to get his car in front of the motorcycle at 151 mph, then blocked Fetter from passing as he slowed them both down.

At one point, Fetter allegedly yelled "move, my mom's dying."

After coming to a stop, Fetter got off the bike but refused to comply with orders and the officer used his Taser to subdue him after several warnings, according to the official criminal complaint. A search of Fetter’s backpack turned up syringes, meth, a leafy green substance, brass knuckles and a 9 mm handgun.

Fetter told the officer he’d used meth earlier in the day.

Due to a previous felony on his record, the 31-year-old faces up to seven years in prison on charges of possession of a firearm and controlled substances, if convicted.