Bible found in pickup truck stolen from Ram factory in Michigan as police search for suspects

Police in Michigan have tracked down six of the eight trucks that were stolen from a Ram factory earlier this month and are scouring them for clues, but still haven’t named any suspects in the heist.

The Ram 1500 pickups were ripped off during a brazen theft on May 3 that involved a gang of drivers slipping through a fence at the Warren Truck Assembly plant, getting the vehicles and then busting through the main gate in a convoy as they made their escape.


The trucks were stolen from a parking lot inside the factory grounds and driven through the security fence.  (Google Earth)

Some of the vehicles had been stripped of parts, according to the Detroit Free Press, while others were in fine condition or just out of gas.

Investigators found a pocket Bible inside one of the trucks and are testing it for DNA evidence. All of the pickups are being thoroughly swabbed for genetic evidence and fingerprinted in the hopes of cracking the case.

A $1,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the vehicles, or the arrest of the people behind the crime is being offered.