1957 Chevrolet 150 wins Ridler Award for best custom at 2018 Detroit Autorama show

Building a custom car takes a lot of imagination.

Take the 2018 Ridler Award-winning 1957 Chevy 150 nicknamed “Imagine” that’s owned by Greg and Judy Hrehovczik and was named the best hot rod at the Detroit Autorama this past weekend.


The 150's ho-hum interior has been given a sleek, retro-futuristic overhaul crowned by a chrome steering wheel.  (Hot Rod Shows)

The outlandish silver two-door started its life as a no-frills model aimed at fleet buyers. Designer Jason Rushford began working on the concept for it well over a decade ago, according to Hot Rod magazine, taking the classic shape to the next level with a chop top, streamlned style that's been stripped of its iconic side trim.


Johnny’s Auto Trim and Rod Shop of Alamosa, Colo., did the build and stuffed a 515 cubic-inch twin-turbocharged Nelson racing engine under the hood that breathes through the Chevy’s signature hood bullets and pumps out 1,000 hp on premium and 1,800 hp on race gas.

A sleek, minimalist interior with a center console adds a retro-futuristic touch that’s crowned by an oversized speedometer and a chrome steering wheel from Evod Industries.

“Imagine” marks the first win for the shop, which was a Great 8 finalist at the 2011 show.