Toys that make family travel fun

Keeping the kids entertained is the number one priority when hitting the road for a family vacation. Here is a list of new and upcoming travel games designed to make family expeditions fun.



    Kids Preferred TrayKit The TrayKit is an all-in-one carry-on and play surface that comes in the form of a backpack that kids can zip up and bring along on any trip. Price: $29.99 - Available in May 2012


    Kids Preferred TrayKit “TrayKit makes traveling with children more fun for them and more relaxing for you- no more toys on the floor, no bag to stow, simply close it when you are ready to go,” TrayKit creator,Solvej Biddle, told


    SeatPets Designed to look like friendly stuffed-animal creatures, SeatPets attach to the shoulder restraint part of a seatbelt instantly turning uncomfortable stiff seatbelts into a cozy cushion.  Price: $19.99 – Available March 2012


    SeatPets The head of a friendly SeatPet creature acts as a perfect-sized pillow for kids to rest their heads on when drifting off to sleep on those longer road trips or flights. Price: $19.99 – Available March 2012


    Style Me Up! Whether your child has a knack for designing chic outfits, trendy footwear or purses, Style Me Up! offers a number of different themed sketchbooks that give young fashionistas a chance to reveal their creative ideas and innovations. Price:  $7-$10 – Available now
    Style Me Up!


    Spot it! On the Road Spot It! is a matching symbol game where kids use their sharp eye and quick reflexes to be the first to get rid of all their playing cards. In a deck of 55 cards there is only one matching symbol between any two cards- the player that “spots” the match and slaps their cards down first wins the hand. Price:  $12.99 – Available May 2012
    Spot it! On the Road


    iPieces for iPad For the first time, kids will be able to travel and play their favorite board games on their iPad. Pressman iPieces introduces a new generation of board games where your iPad serves as the game board and special game pieces activate fun animations and special effects. Price: $9.99 – Available June 2012
    Pressman Toys
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