2017 Chicago Auto Show Debuts

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    Chicago Auto Show

    The Chicago Auto Show claims the higest attendance of the big four shows, but it's usually a little light on new vehicle introductions. Nevertheless, automakers use it to roll out special editions of their models, and trucks. So many trucks.
    Chicago Auto Show
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    2017 Nissan Titan King Cab

    Nissan has filled out its full-size pickup lineup with a new king cab model that will slot in between the standarrd cab and crew cab versions of its half-ton Titan and almost-heavy-duty Titan XD that are already on sale. The king cab features rear hinged half doors to access the back seats, which can be deleted for extra cargo room. The Titan comes only with a 6.5-foot bed and a 390 HP 5.6-liter V8, while the Titan XD will also available with a 5.0-liter Cummins diesel engine when the trucks go on sale this spring.
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    Chevrolet Redline

    Chevrolet is seeing red...and black. It's making eight of its models available in a new Redline trim that features black wheels with assymetrical red hashmarks, black grilles and bowties, plus various other black and red elements across the Cruze, Malibu, Impala, Camaro, Trax, Equinox Traverse, Colorado and Silverado lineups.    
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    Nissan Midnight Edition

    Maybe black is the new black. Nissan is launching six Midnight Edition cars and crossovers with black wheels, black spoilers, black mirror caps...you get the picture.
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    Ram HD Night

    Well, they say three is a trend...Ram is offering its Night package on the 2500 and 3500 HD, which includes -- you guessed it -- black wheels, black badges and a black grille on top of the existing Sport trim level. Prices start at $46,840, and they're heading to showrooms now.
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    Ram 1500 Copper Sport

    Or if copper, big wheels and sweet audio systems are more your thing, for $46,950 you can get one of 3,000 Ram 1500 Copper Sport with copper pearl paint, a subwoofer-equipped Alpine audio system, and a set of 22-inch polished aluminum rims.
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    2018 Ford Expedition

    The all-new 2018 Ford Expedition is jumping on the aluminum bandwagon, with a sleek lightweight body wrapping its tech-filled interior. How much tech? It seats up to eight, but its WiFi hotspot can handle up to 10 devices, so feel free to multitask.
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    2018 Dodge Durango SRT

    The Durango SRT stakes its claim to the title of most-badass family hauler. Powered by a 475 hp 6.4-liter Hemi V8, the seven-seat SUV can do the quarter-mile in 12.9 seconds and tow up to 8,600 pounds. Besides, have you ever seen an SUV that looks that mean?
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    Nissan NV Cargo X

    If you ever need to ship something to Everest base camp, this is the delivery van you want. The Nissan Cargo X Project was built by off-road truck customizer Ian Johnson, who swapped in the 4x4 system and 5.0-liter diesel engine from a Nissan Titan XD pickup, added a custom suspension and 37-inch tires good for 22 inches of ground clearance, and stuck a skid-plate equipped tube bumper on the front that has a 10,000-pound winch. There's also an onboard air compressor for airing the tires up and down to match the terrain, but might also come in handy at extreme altitudes when they start getting limp.
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    2018 Subaru Legacy

    For 2018 Subaru Legacy gets a mildly redesigned exterior; a quieter, more refined cabin; and an updated infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and eBird, which crowd-sources bird sightings and gives you directions to where they happened -- also known as the most Subaru thing ever.
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    2018 Hyundai Elantra GT

    It may share a name with the Hyundai Elantra sedan, but the Elantra GT is its own car. Based on one of Hyundai's European models, the Elantra GT is the roomiest car in the compact hatchback segment, and will be available in standard and Sport models, the latter with a 201 hp turbocharged 1.6-liter four cylinder engine. It's also equipped with Amazon Alexa, so you can start it and get it warmed up from the comfort of your bed. Try not to hit the snooze.
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    2018 Toyota Rav4 Adventure

    Bucking its image as the ultimate soft-roader, the Rav4's new Adventure model gets a raised supension, fender flares, lower body protection, standard roof racks and tow packing, and all-weather floor mats in case you actually take it beyond the mall parking lot.
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    2018 Toyota Tacoma and Toyota

    Toyota's big trucks have been restyled for 2018 and fitted wtih standard pedestrian-detecting emergency braking technology. The TRD Sport versions of both trucks get suspensions updated with high performance Bilstein shocks and TRD anti-sway bars, and also come standard with 20-inch wheels and unique trim.
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    Wheelchair-accessible Chrysler Pacifica

    Chrysler has teamed up with BraunAbility to create a wheelchair-accessible version of the Pacifica minivan, which it claims has the largest side ramp, door opening, and interior space of any vehicle in its class.
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    2018 Volkswagen Atlas Weekend Edition Concept

    Volkswagen is highlighting the versatility of its upcoming three-row SUV, with one equipped with many of the accessories that will be availble when it goes on sale this spring. These include a safety gate for pets travelling in the rear cargo area, universal tablet holders, and all-weather floor mats with an integrated storage system. The coolest feature, however, may be its Urban Loader roof-mounted cargo box, which features a low-profile aerodynamic design, but can be expanded to 17.7 cubic feet when needed.
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