Vandalism, violent incidents mark Italy's election campaign

More acts of vandalism and violence have occurred during Italy's tense election campaign, with targets including far-right and far-left advocates and other politicians.

A swastika and written graffiti were found Wednesday defacing a Rome monument honoring police killed by Red Brigades terrorists in 1978 during former Italian Premier Aldo Moro's abduction. Residents covered the graffiti with bed sheets until a municipal cleanup crew arrived to erase the scrawls.

In southern Calabria, a post office found a bullet wrapped in a facsimile of a ballot addressed to a candidate of the populist 5-Star Movement running in the March 4 parliamentary elections.

In incidents Tuesday, two men suffered slash wounds while affixing posters for a far-left party in central Italy, while an extreme-right leader was beaten on a street in Palermo, Sicily.