Kosovo lawmakers vote in Haradinaj as the new prime minister

Ramush Haradinaj, ex-prime minister of Kosovo and a former guerrilla fighter, has been voted the country's new premier.

Parliament on Saturday voted 61 in favor and one abstention to choose Haradinaj, who is also the leader of the center-right Alliance for the Future of Kosovo party. Opposition members boycotted the vote.

Three months after the June 11 election, Haradinaj's coalition of three parties of former leaders of Kosovo's war of independence from Serbia secured votes from an ethnic Serb group and a minor Albanian one to gain a majority in the 120-seat parliament.

Haradinaj will be challenged by a poor economy, continued tense dialogue with neighboring Serbia and a need to pass the border demarcation deal with Montenegro.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008 but Serbia doesn't recognize the move.