Woman’s reckless driving gets her locked up for ‘worst ever’ wild police chase

Dashcam video showing a U.K. woman leading police on a terrifying 120-mph chase prompted a judge to say it was the “worst case of dangerous driving” he had ever seen, The Sun reports.

The footage shows Megan Nolan, a 24-year-old mother of two young boys, weaving through traffic and running red lights.

“I have to tell you Megan Nolan that this was the worst piece of dangerous driving that I have ever witnessed in my 15 years on the bench,” Judge Martin Rudland said Friday, according to the Sun.

Nolan sobbed as she was sentenced to a year in jail.

The teaching assistant pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving without insurance, according to the paper.

Rudland told Nolan her erratic driving was “selfish and ludicrous” and to not sentence her to prison would be “wildly wrong,” the paper reported.

Nolan had been out drinking with friends June 4.

She led police on the wild chase on a motorway in Manchester after leaving the bar at 1 a.m., the paper reported.

“She admitted the quality of her driving was as shown on the footage,” prosecutor Andrew Mackintosh said in court, according to The Sun.

“She had no insurance and she said she was a stupid idiot who was lucky that no one had been hurt,” he said.

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