Teacher, 28, banned from classroom after allegedly having sex with student on plane

A 28-year-old British physics teacher was indefinitely banned from the classroom after she was reportedly caught having drunken sex with a student in a plane bathroom -- and on Thursday police said they were investigating the allegations.

Eleanor Wilson, of South Gloucestershire, was coming back from a July 2015 school trip to Switzerland with students when she started flirting with a boy near the back of the plane while she was taking care of another student who was sick, Metro UK reported.

Wilson, who was intoxicated, and the boy - whose age has not been revealed - went into the plane’s bathroom and engaged in several sexual acts including unprotected sex, a disciplinary panel heard.

The boy was also reportedly drunk after having at least five mini bottles of wine.

Their tryst did not end there and the two allegedly continued the relationship with texts and meetings for drinks. The student admitted to the panel that they were in a relationship and that he loved her.

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The head of the school allegedly learned of the relationship in September 2015 and, after speaking to Wilson, no action was taken because there was no corroborating evidence. Several months later, she again denied meeting with the student outside of school and having sex with him.

The student told the panel that Wilson told him to keep quiet about their relationship and to delete all his texts from her while the school investigated.

The relationship eventually came to light eight months later, when Wilson received an email from another student who said he would reveal everything unless she had sex with him.

Wilson had previously denied allegations that the pair had sex and claimed they simply “hugged on occasion.” She also admitted that they met up outside of school, but denied they drank alcohol.

She was not in attendance at the panel’s hearing.

Wilson had worked at the school since 2013. After returning from Switzerland, she told a school newsletter: “The trip will provide a real source of inspiration for our young people as they continue with their studies and think about their future career paths.”

She was dismissed in May 2016.

The disciplinary found Wilson guilty of all but two allegations. They concluded that while she did let students drink and consumed alcohol herself on the school trip, it was not sexually motivated.

The panel banned Wilson from teaching indefinitely in any school and ordered she cannot apply to a teaching job.

But The Bristol Post on Thursday said police were now looking into the allegations.