Grenfell Tower firefighters, survivors offered free vacations by strangers in homes across Europe


Hundreds of strangers have offered the Grenfell Tower firefighters and survivors free vacations across Spain, France, Cyprus and Britain.

Kind hearted members of the public have donated more than 370 holiday homes to those affected by the tragedy, the Evening Standard reports.

The Grenfell Tower Holiday Appeal is offering free holidays to survivors and the 999 heroes who rushed to their aid.

The campaign was launched by Angie Mays, from Ilfracombe, Devon and her friend Kay Gilbert.

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Angie said: “I’m so happy that firefighters are using the appeal, I only hope in time that they are able to come to terms with what they have experienced that night and after.

“I only hope our appeal offers them some comfort and respite from their experiences, giving them time to switch off their minds and relax.”

It is understood one firefighter has already taken up the offer and will visit a cottage in Marsden, West Yorkshire, for a week in July.

It is hoped that survivors would feel ready to take up the offers in the future with Angie adding it was probably too soon to be talking about things like that now – it’s too raw”.

But she urged any who did want a break to contact her.

At least 80 people are thought to have died in the fire earlier this month.

Family and friends missing schoolgirl Jessica Urbano today released balloons on what would have been her 13th birthday.

Jessica has not been heard from since fire raged through the block she called home on June 14.

She is presumed to have died in the tragedy.