Video: Lion viciously attacks circus trainer front of horrified audience in France

A circus trainer is in serious condition after a lion
attacked him during a live performance in France over the weekend – and the grizzly scene was caught on camera.

Footage taken by an audience member shows the lion latch
onto the trainer and drag him around the enclosed cage at the Buffalo Circus in northern France. The lion is seen dropping the trainer after being sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

An audience of nearly 100 people witnessed the May 7 attack on the circus employee who French media identified as 34-year-old Steeve Loberot, according to Sky News.

The Facebook video also captured onlookers as they grabbed young children and fled. Horrified screams are heard over jovial circus music playing in the background. 


Loberot reportedly suffered injuries to his head, neck and
legs and underwent a five-hour operation. He is still in serious condition and under hospital observation, Sky News reported.

Despite the attack, the Buffalo Circus confirmed through Facebook that the lion will not be euthanized, despite media reports to the contrary.