Ex-Labor minister tells EU to 'forget Great Britain' during Brexit talks

British prime minister sends letter to European Council President Donald Tusk formally triggering Article 50, the start of negotiations for the United Kingdom's divorce proceedings from the European Union


Lord Mandelson was branded a traitor on Saturday after he urged EU chiefs to screw Britain in Brexit talks.

The ex-Labor minister claimed it would be “absolutely impossible” to strike a deal because Theresa May has the “wrong attitude.”

And he declared: “One can only advise the Europeans one thing – forget Britain and take care of your own interests.”

Lord Mandelson showed where his true loyalties lie in an astonishing interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit.

The Brexit-bashing peer – a former EU trade commissioner – is in line for a £34,600-a-year [$42,000] pension from Brussels after swearing an oath of loyalty to European institutions.

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