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Jack Russell terrier has a great time failing dog show course

An excited Jack Russell terrier left commentators in stitches after he went “totally crazy” during an agility course at this year’s Crufts dog show in the U.K.

The terrier named Olly was filmed competing in the agility arena of the world famous dog show with his handler Karen on Sunday.

Hilarious footage shows the energetic pooch face-planting the floor after crashing through one of the barriers.


An announcer said while laughing: “Oh, what a nose dive! And he couldn’t care less.”

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The former rescue dog from a shelter in Hertfordshire was captured jumping back onto his feet to continue the obstacle course with speed and stamina on his side – but his precision wasn’t up to scratch.

He refused to take any instruction from his handler Karen by ignoring other jumps and going through the tunnel the wrong way.

The announcer can be heard saying: “He’s all over the place and so he should be. He’s going the wrong way, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?”

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