Thai police seize marijuana said destined for Australia

Thai police say they have arrested two men from Thailand and Taiwan suspected of smuggling more than 3 tons of marijuana from Laos for shipment to Australia.

Border Patrol Police official Prapan Chan-em announced that police seized 3,155 kilograms (6,940 pounds) of marijuana on Sunday from a warehouse in Chonburi, 60 kilometers (40 miles) southeast of Bangkok.

He said Monday that police were tipped off last month that the marijuana was being smuggled into Thailand from Laos to be sent to the warehouse, where it would be vacuum-sealed and sent to Australia labeled as rubber gloves.

Prapan said a 44-year-old Thai and a 64-year-old Taiwanese were arrested at the warehouse, which he said had been operating for nine years as a front for drug smuggling.