Namibia cuts ties with 2 North Korean firms over sanctions

Namibia has told two North Korean companies that their services are no longer needed in the southern Africa country while U.N. sanctions against Pyongyang remain in place.

Namibia has terminated the services of the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation, or KOMID, and Mansudae Overseas Projects, North Korea's rival South Korea said Friday.

A statement from Namibia's foreign ministry said the country's deputy prime minister went to Pyongyang to convey the news to North Korea's foreign minister.

The United Nations sanctions list describes KOMID as North Korea's "primary arms dealer."

A U.N. panel of experts report this year said KOMID reportedly worked on construction of a munitions factory in Namibia, and Namibia confirmed that Mansudae "was involved in several military construction projects."

North Korea is under sanctions for its nuclear testing.