Indian official resigns amid outrage over selfie with alleged rape victim

A government official in the north Indian state of Rajasthan resigned Thursday after published photos of her taking a selfie with an alleged rape victim sparked outrage. 

The Times of India reported that Somya Gurjar resigned from the Rajasthan Women's Commisison after being summoned by the National Commission for Women, which advises the Indian government on policy relating to women's issues. 

"I have not done anything wrong but tendered my resignation on moral grounds if my action has hurt anybody’s feelings," Gurjar told the Hindustan Times. 

According to the Hindustan Times, Gurjar and state women's committee chair Suman Sharma met the alleged victim in a police station. The 30-year-old claimed her husband and two of his nephews gang-raped her and tatooed expletives on her forehand and hand for not paying an agreed dowry of 51,000 rupees (approximately $750).

The news agency ANI quoted Gurjar as saying that the woman became interested in Gurjar's phone while the officials were taking pictures of her tattoos for investigative purposes. 

"That selfie wasn’t for entertainment. That woman was quite enthusiastic about getting clicked," Gurjar told the agency. 

According to Sharma, Gurjar claimed to her that she was showing the alleged victim photos on her phone to make her feel relaxed. 

A photo of Gurjar posing with the alleged victim was put on social media, with the alleged victim's face obscured, and spread quickly. It was not immediately clear who took the picture, but Sharma said the state commission would take action against whoever did so. 

Indian law prohibits making public the name or identity of a rape victim unless she or her family (if she is dead) give written consent. Violators face up to two years in prison and a fine.