Outrage over video showing school administrators paddling a 5-year-old

The shocking video of a kindergartner being paddled by his principal at a Georgia elementary school is causing outrage on social media.

The boy’s mother, Shana Perez, told Atlanta's WSB-TV, that she took the video of her son, in which the 5-year-old is crying and begging for help from his mom as administrators try to paddle him at school on Wednesday, reportedly for spitting on another student.

Perez told the station that she gave the school permission to paddle her son because she felt she didn’t have any option. She says if she had not consented to the paddling, her son would have been suspended, and she could have faced jail time for truancy – the 5-year-old already has missed 18 days of school.

Perez was arrested earlier this year due her son’s many missed school days. She claims he missed those days because he was being tested for cancer.

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The mom says the school led her to believe that she’d be returned to jail if she didn’t agree to the paddling.

“If he gets suspended, I'm going to be arrested for truancy. If he misses another day, I'll be arrested. She [the principal] never denied that. She never told me anything otherwise,” she said.

Jasper County Sheriff Donnie Pope told WSB that while Perez was jailed recently, that the school wasn't threatening her with more jail time.

“He's five. He's not the best child," Perez said. "He's probably worse than some other people's children. It's not the way we're raising him. We haven't raised him to be bad.”

Nineteen states, mainly in the South, still allow corporal punishment at public schools.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Berryhill Public Schools superintendent Mike Campbell told the Tulsa World that he finds paddling useful “for some children” and points to himself as an example. “I was paddled as a child, and I grew up to be a productive citizen,” Campbell said.

Perez and her son are set to meet with administrators on Friday following the incident.

Perez told WSB-TV, "To be honest, if I could go back, I would grab him up and say, ‘No. You can't paddle him. Just go ahead and take me to jail.'”

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