Italy expels Moroccan who said he wanted to behead Italians

Italy's interior minister says a Moroccan man who shouted to police he wanted to "behead Italians" and who supports Islamic State group has been expelled.

Minister Angelino Alfano says the man was expelled on his orders earlier Friday. The minister didn't identify the 32-year-old, who entered Italy in 2013 and was living in the southern town of Potenza with a residency permit.

According to Alfano, investigation determined the man was "going through a process of religious radicalization" and was assuming positions of "political-religious extremism."

The minister said that in December, the man yelled to Carabinieri police that he was close to IS and wanted to behead Italians.

Alfano said the Moroccan, like 10 others expelled earlier this year, showed "unequivocal signs" of being dangerous for Italian security.