Authorities re-arrest freed Sierra Leone war crimes convict

A security official says authorities have re-arrested a former leader of a militia accused of torturing and mutilating civilians during Sierra Leone's civil war after he violated terms of his early release.

Moinina Fofana was convicted by a United Nations-backed special court in 2007 of war crimes and crimes against humanity. He was held in Rwanda's Mpanga Prison on a 15-year sentence, but returned to Sierra Leone in 2015 on conditional release.

Senior protection officer Thomas Konie Akinbobola said Fafana's release was revoked Wednesday for breach of a condition that Akinbobola wouldn't specify. But he said Fofana is "not free to participate in any political activity until May 2018, when the remaining sentence of the total 15 years should expire."

Sierra Leone's civil war lasted from 1991-2002..