Ricky Martin’s backup dancer arrested for allegedly beating up girlfriend



A man who claims to be a backup dancer for Puerto Rican pop singer Ricky martin was arrested this week for allegedly beating his girlfriend.

Sherhan Rodriguez, 31, reportedly became angry with his now former flame after he found some photos and text messages in her phone.

According to WPLG Local 10, an ABC affiliate in Florida, Rodriguez slapped his girlfriend numerous times while they were driving away from Blue Martini in Downtown Miami. Police said he struck her face so hard that she almost crashed her car.

When they arrived at her apartment building, Rodriguez reportedly got out of her car, but jumped back in through the passenger-side window and continued to beat her. Police said they have surveillance video of the attack.

In December, the woman posted a photo of herself on social media showing a bloody nose and bruise on her head.

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"Currently I am in better health, thank God," she wrote, according to her Instragram posts. "I did not suffer any serious injuries, but I am having difficulty breathing through the nose, which has affected me a lot as I try to resume my dancing. The swelling has not disappeared completely. I opened my eyes to a situation of violence, lies, betrayals and suffering."

In another photo she wrote: “I start these lines thanking all the people, friends, family and women who identify or applaud the courage to speak of a situation like this. It was not easy, I can assure you. But silence can be our death. That is why we decided to take justice, for me, for all the women who were abused by the same individual and for all women in the world who need inspiration, motivation and self-worth.”

Rodriguez was arrested on charges of battery, burglary and criminal mischief.

In a post on Thursday, his ex-girlfriend joined a campaign against domestic violence.

“Today, there are women like me, women full of strength and eager to stop being victims to become survivors, women who have personally suffered domestic violence, women that denounce, women who are not silent,” she wrote. “But there are also thousands of women who are still victims, women who fear for their lives, women full of fear, women put on makeup and cover the marks daily; but there is no make-up for the soul. This is a campaign for all women.”

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