Man deported in 2014 captured again in U.S. for rape and murder

Photo: Benito Alvarez-Gonzalez (Dallas County Sheriff's Department)

Photo: Benito Alvarez-Gonzalez (Dallas County Sheriff's Department)

A Mexican man who was wanted in his home country for a host of crimes, including murder, was deported Thursday by U.S. immigration officials in Dallas.

Benito Alvarez-Gonzalez, who is 31, is accused of kidnapping two teenage boys, ages 15 and 17, in Mexico last December, according to the Dallas Morning News.

He allegedly raped the 17-year-old and shot him five times, killing him. The 15-year-old managed to escape and notify Mexican authorities, who then alerted Dallas authorities to look for Alvarez-Gonzalez.

Alvarez-Gonzalez was arrested in early January. He was deported through Laredo and handed over to Mexican authorities on Thursday.

At one point, Alvarez-Gonzalez was a permanent U.S. resident, according to a statement by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.

In 2004 he was convicted of driving while intoxicated and was sentenced to 150 days in jail, and given 24 months of probation.

In 2013 he was convicted of arson and sentenced to three years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. 

He was released in March 2014, and transferred to ICE custody; which resulted in his deportation in April of that year.

Based on his aggravated felony conviction, on April 2, 2014, an immigration judge in Houston ordered Alvarez-Gonzalez removed from the United States. On April 3, 2014, ICE officers deported him to Mexico.

ICE was not aware he had returned to the U.S. or knew how he crossed the border.

In mid-January Mexico’s Attorney General advised immigration authorities in Dallas that Alvarez-Gonzalez had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, issued by the Mexican government for murder. On the same date, authorities arrested Alvarez-Gonzalez during a targeted fugitive operation.

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