Middle East

Yemen rebels detain activists, journalist in Sanaa

Yemeni security officials say Shiite rebels have detained a number of activists and critics including a local journalist in the capital, Sanaa.

Saturday's detentions come shortly after the rebels, known as Houthis, released three Al-Jazeera journalists they kidnapped in the western city of Taiz.

Speaking anonymously in line with regulations, the officials said the detentions are part of a Houthi crackdown on activists and journalists. The officials remain neutral in the conflict that has splintered Yemen.

Yemen has been embroiled in fighting since the Houthis allied with a former president captured large swaths of the country, including Sanaa, over a year ago.

The U.N. says the war has killed over 5,800 people since March, when a Saudi-led coalition backing the internationally recognized government began launching airstrikes targeting the rebels.