Iraq's Sunnis boycott Cabinet, parliament to protest attacks

A Sunni lawmaker says the community's ministers and lawmakers are boycotting Cabinet meetings and parliament sessions to protest attacks on Sunni mosques last week.

Raad al-Dahlaki says Sunnis will only boycott Tuesday's sessions, demanding government action against the perpetrators.

The announcement Tuesday comes after angry Shiite mobs attacked several Sunni mosques and businesses in the majority Shiite town of Muqdadiyah. Those attacks came after twin suicide attacks on a cafe in Muqdadiyah frequented by Shiite militiamen killed at least 24 people and wounded 52. The bombings were later claimed by the Islamic State group.

At least one Sunni imam was killed in the ensuing backlash against Sunni mosques and businesses in the town, about 60 miles (90 kilometers) northeast of Baghdad.