Thai junta says government survey shows 98.9 percent of people are happy with its rule

It's the kind of poll result you'd see in a North Korean election or Saddam Hussein's Iraq: Thailand's military-ruled government says 98.9 percent of the country's people are happy with its performance since it took power in a coup last year.

The junta has relentlessly pursued critics, jailing them for attempting to stage protests, lighting candles or even hitting the "like" button on Facebook, yet said the poll released Tuesday showed an astonishing majority of Thais are satisfied with its performance.

Government spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd said the survey conducted by the government-run National Statistical Organization found that 98.9 percent of respondents were satisfied and confident in the government's performance.

He did not disclose the format or margin of error of the survey but said 2,700 people nationwide were polled.