Dad attacks and kills massive cobra in viral revenge video

Man attacks and kills cobra in viral revenge video.

Man attacks and kills cobra in viral revenge video.  (

A man attacks and kills a massive King Cobra snake with his bare hands reportedly to avenge the death of his son.

In shocking footage, the man can be seen grabbing the venomous snake from a tree in a fit of rage and smashing it against the ground repeatedly.

The dust flies up as the man swings the reptile by its tail into the dirt seven times before releasing it — all without a care for his own safety.

The Sun reports that having reportedly bit and killed his son, the snake is seen slithering to the side of the dirt track before lying motionless.

The man, from southern India, is just wearing shorts when he grabs the dangerous reptile.

The video was posted on YouTube and has gone viral, with over 700,000 views.

But his actions have been condemned in some quarters say he is guilty of animal cruelty.

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