South Africa's main opposition expels member over Facebook post praising apartheid leader

South Africa's main opposition party has expelled a prominent member after she shared a Facebook post praising an apartheid leader.

The Democratic Alliance said in a statement late Friday that Dianne Kohler-Barnard's party membership has been terminated.

In September Kohler-Barnard republished a post on social media in which the author calls for the return of apartheid-era President P.W. Botha. Kohler-Barnard apologized and said she immediately deleted the post when she realized it celebrated Botha.

The party referred Kohler-Barnard to an internal disciplinary process, calling her actions indefensible and describing Botha as a tyrant.

The Democratic Alliance, with roots in white liberal opposition politics, has worked hard to attract more black voters.

Botha, who died in 2006, led South Africa for more than a decade under the racist apartheid regime.