Australian rules football coach Phil Walsh was stabbed to death in his South Australia home early Friday morning, local authorities said.

Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute around 2 a.m. local time in Somerton Park, a suburb of Adelaide, and found Walsh and his wife suffering from stab wounds.

Police arrested Walsh’s son at the scene and sent him for a psychiatric evaluation.

First responders tried to resuscitate Walsh, 55, but he later died at the scene. His wife is being treated for non-life threatening injuries at a local hospital.

“Police can confirm that the man murdered at Somerton Park in the early hours of the morning is Phil Walsh, coach of the Adelaide Crows,” authorities said in a statement obtained by

Walsh’s son allegedly became involved in an argument at the residence around 2 a.m., police superintendent Des Bray told

“As a result Mr Walsh and his wife have received the wounds. As I understand the son ordinarily lives there. Somebody from the house has called triple-zero (the emergency line),” Bray said, calling Walsh’s death a “terrible, tragic event.”

Walsh, who recently finished his first season as head coach of the Adelaide Crows, previously spent 20 years as an assistant coach.

Walsh led the crows to a winning 7-5 record in 2015.

He also played over 120 games for the Australian Football League for a number of different teams.

“I’m speechless, bewildered,” Adelaide sports journalist Michelangelo Rucci told 5AA, “I just can’t understand how this can happen.”