Angolan opposition says over 1,000 killed, but police say 22 killed in raid on religious sect

Angolan police and opposition politicians are at odds over the exact number of people killed in a raid on a religious sect.

Angola's main opposition party, UNITA, has accused police of killing 1,080 people during a raid on the Seventh Day Light of the World Church in central Huambo province in April.

UNITA's parliamentary leader, Raul Danda, said the party reached the figure by interviewing witnesses.

In contrast, provincial police commander Elias Livulo said a much lower number of 13 civilians and nine policemen were killed when police arrested sect leader Jose Julino Kalupeteka.

The sect, a branch of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, believes the world will end in 2015.

The Angola Press Agency reported that President Jose Eduardo dos Santos described the sect as a threat to peace.