European rights court orders Russia to pay damages for Moldovan shot dead by Russian soldier

Europe's top human rights court has ordered Russia to pay damages for the fatal shooting of a Moldovan man in 2012.

Vadim Pisari, 18, was shot dead by a Russian soldier on Jan.1, 2012 as he was driving across a bridge in a part of Moldova where Russian, Moldovan and Trans-Dniester peacekeepers were stationed.

The court says Pisari failed to slow for a checkpoint and crashed a barrier, and a Russian soldier responded by first firing in the air, then directly at the car.

The European Court for Human Rights on Tuesday said the soldier's "decision to shoot at the passing vehicle had not been justified." It ordered Russia to pay 25,000 euros ($27,000) damages and about 5,500 euros ($5,900) legal costs to Pisari's family.