Spain, Cuba in talks for extradition of 2 ETA members wanted for alleged ETA-FARC link

A U.S. State Department official says Spain and Cuba are in extradition discussions about two members of the Basque armed separatist group and wanted by Spain since 2010.

State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke revealed the Spain-Cuba bilateral talks Wednesday while telling reporters about steps taken by Cuba in return for President Barack Obama's decision to decision to remove Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terror.

A Spanish court says Jose Angel Urtiaga and Jose Ignacio Etxarte sought permission for grenade- and mortar-launching tests in Venezuela in cooperation with the Colombian FARC rebel group. They have been living in Cuba since the 1980s.

ETA killed 829 people in its Basque homeland campaign and declared a permanent cease-fire in 2011. It has not disbanded.