Friend says female Libyan activist shot to death in Tripoli as militias control capital

A friend says a female Libyan activist has been shot to death in the capital, Tripoli, which is controlled by militias backed by Islamist groups.

Taha Krewi on Tuesday confirmed the death of activist Intissar al-Hasaari. Al-Hasaari was the founder of the Enlightenment Group, which led protests against militias.

The Libyan al-Wasat news website reported that the activist was found dead in her car with her aunt, also killed.

Al-Hasaari is one of dozens of activists killed, abducted or who have fled the capital after receiving death threats.

Tripoli fell into the hands of Islamist-backed militias last summer, which forces the country's elected parliament and government to convene outside the capital. The power struggle has left the country vulnerable to extremists, like those supporting the Islamic State group.