Rock singer dies after getting electrocuted onstage in Argentina

A photo of Agustín Briolini.

A photo of Agustín Briolini.  (Facebook)

The lead singer of an up-and-coming Argentinian rock band died after being electrocuted onstage as he opened the group’s set to promote its first album.

Agustín Briolini, 21, guitarist and leader singer of the Krebs, received a massive electrical shock to the head as the band performed at the Theatre of the Sun in the central Argentinian city of Villa Carlos Paz. Briolini was apparently moving toward the microphone during the first song of their set when he was electrocuted.

Officials are still investigating what went wrong, but initial reports cited faulty wiring on a microphone as the cause of the electric shock.

After he was shocked, medics quickly rushed to Briolini and attempted to revive him, but after trying unsuccessfully for an hour, the medics took him to a local hospital where he was declared dead.

His bandmates, drummer Diego Regali, 21, and guitarist Gustavo Escober, 22, said they could not believe what they saw on stage or that that their friend was dead.

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Pico Moyano, the lead singer of the band Iceberg, which was also performing that evening, said he was shocked that an accident like that could occur.  

"It really defies belief," he said, according to the Daily Mail. "We are in the 21st century and these sort of things simply should not happen. I find it absolutely incredible."

Right before Briolini died, he opened up onstage about his love for music and about how the band name comes from the Krebs cycle, which is a part of cellular respiration.

"For us, making music is a cyclical process," he said. "The music we make we give to people who get energy as a result, they accept that energy and they transform it, and what they create to be sent back to us, we in turn except and throw it back again with even more power in our music. It is a cycle with people and art."

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