Man Accused Of Secretly Filming Up Women's Skirts

Police in Texas arrested a man accused of secretly filming videos up women’s skirts at several stores, and now, there's an immigration hold on him.

Fermin Morales Gonzalez, 44, was arrested in April after a Good Samaritan noticed his suspicious behavior. Police have reviewed more than 50 videos then have tried to connect the suspect to the exact locations where they were recorded.

Gonzalez is accused of preying on distracted women at five Plano, Texas stores, including a Wal-Mart and a thrift store.

He’s been charged with five counts of improper photography, which are state jail felonies. His bond is set at $5,000 for each of the five counts.

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According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Gonzales was finally caught Nov. 17 when a man at Walmart noticed him squat down behind a woman in a skirt and pretend to look at something on a lower shelf while she was distracted by her small child.

The man alerted an officer, who happened to be parked outside. The officer confronted Gonzalez, who handed over his phone.

“According to the detective, when I talked to him, he said there were numerous videos and believed that there was potentially more on a prior phone that he had that no longer has at this point,” said Officer David Tilley with the Plano Police Department.

Police say Gonzalez told them he'd been recording women since Dec. 2012, mostly on the east side of Plano and picking women who "…reminded him of his wife...”

He said he recorded the videos out of "…sexual frustration because his wife lives in Mexico…" telling police he "…doesn't want to pay for women…"

When asked how many videos he'd made, he said he didn't know, but it was "a lot.”

One of the videos was two-and-a-half minutes long.

Police say Gonzalez admitted to taking the videos without the women's consent and claims they were for his own personal use and not shared on the Internet.

“Clearly, that’s always a concern is that, next thing you know, you have these images placed on the Internet," Tilley said. "But there have been no indication that's what these have been used for at all.”

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