Yemen's president fires 2 senior army commanders after Hawthi rebels captured northeast city

Yemen state television is reporting President Abed Rabo Mansour Hadi has fired two senior army commanders after last week's capture of a city by Shiite Hawthi rebels.

The TV report said Hadi issued decrees late Saturday removing Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Someli and Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ali al-Maqdishi.

The TV report gave no reasons for their removal. However, it comes after Shiite Hawthi rebels took the northeastern city of Amran last week. They had been fighting against conservative Sunnis from one of the country's largest tribes backed by a local army unit.

The United Nations Security Council on Friday demanded the immediate withdrawal of the rebels and all other armed groups involved in the fighting.

Hawthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam said the rebels will withdraw from the city.