Watch: Woman On Acid Runs Naked Through Ark. Town 'Tripping Balls,' Cops Say

Fayetteville Police

 (Fayetteville Police)

Alerted by a caller who had seen a naked woman "intoxicated on drugs and 'tripping balls,'" Fayettevill, Ark., police officers captured the naked truth on the surveillance camera on their cruiser. The 21-year old woman streaked through the streets of the northwestern Arkansas city before cops were able to restrain her.

Footage from the onboard camera shows Melissa Valencia taking off when she spotted the approaching police car.

"Come here! Stop running!" a police officer screamed at her.

After backup showed up, the law enforcement officials were finally able to corral the wily Valencia after she "ran approximately 75 feet to a pole in the parking lot and appeared to be attempting to hide from me," an officer wrote in a police report.

“Valencia was speaking, but not making any sense,” the report continued.

"A blanket was placed around her and … Central EMS transported Valencia" to the hospital "for treatment for a possible drug overdose," the officer wrote in the report.

While Valencia refused to tell police what she had taken, she allegedly later spoke to a nurse at the local hospital and "admitted to taking acid at her boyfriend’s house."

The police report, which was acquired by the website The Smoking Gun, stated that Valencia had calmed down (and apparently come down) when police came to retrieve her from the hospital and was "polite and cooperative." She is slated to be arraigned on Aug. 1 on charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

According to The Smoking Gun and other media outlets, Valencia’s arrest is historic for being the first known time that the slang term “tripping balls” has been used in an official police report. According to the website Urban Dictionary, “tripping balls” refers to “being under the influence of a substance that is extremely altering your mental and/or spiritual state.” 

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