UN soccer match pits ambassadors vs. journalists, with Ban Ki-moon kicking off

It wasn't quite the World Cup, but the world was definitely represented when U.N. ambassadors took to the soccer field against U.N. correspondents — with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon making the ceremonial kickoff.

The match in a park on New York's Upper East Side on Wednesday afternoon ended with about 10 minutes left to play when a torrential thunderstorm drenched the teams and the spectators.

The ambassadors, with help from a few diplomats and U.N. officials, were winning, 3-2.

Tunisia's Ambassador Mohamed Khaled Khiari scored their first goal, Peru's Ambassador Gustavo Adolfo Meza-Cuadra the second and Italy's U.N. spokesman Giovanni Davoli the third.

After Italy's disappointing ouster in the first round of the World Cup in Brazil, Davoli said his winning goal "was a pretty nice thing."