Terrifying Elevator Accident In Chile Severely Injures Tenant Of New Building



Stop reading here if riding elevators is not your thing: one of the worst nightmares of people with elevator phobia (it has no official name but is quite common) became real in Chile last week when 30-year-old José Vergara Acevedo was returning home after work.

He pressed his floor button, the doors don't close and, instead, the elevator surged upward at full speed.

The out-of-control machine climbed 30 floors in 15 seconds and smashed into the roof.

Chilean website Publimetro is reporting that the man suffered severe spine, lumbar and hip injuries and most likely won’t be able to walk again.

In the surveillance video posted on YouTube, the man is seen frantically pressing the control panel but nothing works.

The residents of the building, which was finished just eight months ago, said they had reported the poor condition of the elevator.

The building is located in the district of Providencia, Province of Santiago.

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